providing lp on uniswap on matic network

So i am looking at providing liquidity with matic/usdc but i have a few questions regarding it on uniswap .

My first question is when i am looking at the providing liquidity pair it doesn’t give me a apr when i was considering doing this on pancakeswap it had a roi calculator is there anyway to see this ?

My second question is am i better setting a trading range and if so how will this help my yield and does it lower the risk of impermanent loss ?

And finally if i am planning to start this with $500 is it worth it or am i better off just holding matic and staking it itself ?

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1 thought on “providing lp on uniswap on matic network”

  1. First, APR is not fix. There are tools out there that take past X days and project it forward. All depends on trading volume/ overall market movement (market moves => ARB bots come in => trading volume)

    Range: educate yourself on “concentrated liquidity”. In most cases this will not reduce your IL risk…it will increase it. But also increase your APR.

    500$ does work. That’s why you are on MATIC and not on ETH


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