Protocol’s revenues – shill me your best ones

I was reading this: [ and I think that will be implemented across different Defi protocols.

Another interesting article: [

>” Each week the fees generated from the platform will be then paid out to those who have locked their tokens. The more tokens you lock and the longer the duration, the greater your weekly rewards will be. What I LOVE, is that the plans are to pay out the weekly rewards in USDC (or possibly a similar stablecoin) ”

$BIFI has also great tokenomics, limited supply of 80,000 tokens and revenue share

Seems like investing in these companies that actually make money and have good tokenomics is a smart idea (defintely NFA)

What are other protocols have good tokenomics and revenue share model? (ideally outside of ETH) is there a Defi Lama sort of website where we can sort protocols by their revenue vs TVL?


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