Projects that keep me hopeful (Thorstarter)

After reflecting a little on these tough times for us degens and crying myself to sleep a couple nights, I’ve come to the conclusion that only projects with real value and future will make it out of this hell. Projects that not only use existing technologies and make them better, but combine multiple of these technologies to create something new and revolutionary. No more shitcoins, no more forks, only actual utility.

There’s a **multichain venture DAO and IDO launchpad called Thorstarter** that does this I mentioned and more, providing a platform to launch for new promising projects that aim to change the crypto space for the better, all this on one of the most promising ecosystems right now. THORchain.

**Thorstarter** is not only that though, It also provides users and investors with higher than normal APYs through **locking XRUNE (their native token) on FORGE** (a multichain protocol to access the launches and IDO).

So yeah, a unique launchpad model with liquidity grants to incubate, fund, and launch the most promising projects across DeFi. Sounds pretty amazing right?

I’ve been looking at Launchpads and IDOs lately and like them a lot, you guys know any I should maybe read into?

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3 thoughts on “Projects that keep me hopeful (Thorstarter)”

  1. mine is BitDAO that’s accelerating the rise of DeFi and DAOs through the world’s largest decentralized treasury, it has committed over $638M to projects and this is only the beginning

  2. Thorstarted is a good project. I love their idea of combining different technologies to create something new and revolutionary. A project with the same concept is KOLnet. It was KOLnet’s concept of initial marketing as a novel fundraising model that attracted Thorstarter to them. The dual purpose of KOLnet is to offer their presale tokens to Micro-KOLs in exchange for their marketing services, enhancing their exposure and creating value in return for their service. This strategic partnership between the two projects looks to expand the opportunities for IMOs in other future projects, helping them gain traction. The two projects keep me hopeful with their amazing idea.


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