Projects that allow you to borrow and lend any token – Silo Protocol, Interest Protocol and Rari Capital

The market is going down, but please don’t be sad because that’s the best time to find great products. Moreover, it is important to find a project where you can earn a passive income because it will allow taking advantage of holding your assets.

I have found 3 unique projects that allow anyone to borrow and lend their own token. Please keep reading to see how is this is possible.

**Silo Protocol**

The first project that I found is Silo- Silo, which uses isolated lending markets on pairs that will allow you to borrow and lend through bridge assets that each lending market will have in common. Amazing right !!! This will protect users from hacks because if one of the pools gets hacked, the other one will be the safe. Silo already has a token, but the DApp is not live yet.

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**Interest Protocol**

Second project is Interest Protocol. Differently from Silo, they will use multi-asset isolated lending markets instead of pairs. Users will be able to create their lending market. They have only launched the test net, where you can use the faucet to mint and create new tokens. After creating your token or choosing another token, you can create a lending market with four main assets: USDC, USDT, ETH, and BTC. Thus it allows anyone to borrow and lend any token.

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**Rari Capital**

From all this project Rari Capital is the only one working. They already have a main-net deployed which help users to list any token and create their own lending market. They differ from Silo because they do not have bridging assets meaning that lending market cannot borrow and lend from each other. However they are doing an amazing job. Differently from Interest Protocol they do not support liquidity provider tokens and interest bearing tokens. However, they are the one that has had the job done which is amazing.

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1 thought on “Projects that allow you to borrow and lend any token – Silo Protocol, Interest Protocol and Rari Capital”

  1. I don’t know about Silo or Interest, but all the stuff that’s happened to Rari Capital is interesting. First the hack that cost them 2600 ETH and second, which is probably more shocking, is the co-founder Jai Bhavnani leaving.

    Jai leaving isn’t what’s shockimg, it’s the way he did: he basically tweeted a full declaration that all Defi and cryptocurrencies are predatory and that it will never be adopted by retail investors because of the fraudulent nature of crypto.

    Just thought it was interesting


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