Projects related to NFTs, will it get big?

**NFT** is extremely popular right now, and many collectors are looking for ways to profit from their collections.

[**UNICRED**]( and their **NFT monetization protocol** caught my attention. I believe this will significantly help **NFT collectors** in obtaining a return on their collection without having to sell their asset. Perfect for maximizing asset earnings while still holding it.

What are your thoughts on the project?

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4 thoughts on “Projects related to NFTs, will it get big?”

  1. Definitely there is a huge possibility for NFT related projects to do very well. If you compare the value of NFT market in previous years and recently, you will definitely agree. I don’t miss any opportunity I see to hop in on any NFT and metaverse project because I what is likely to become of it. Just like when Bitay exchange needed NFT pioneers, I didn’t hesitate. NFTs are the future undoubtedly

  2. Problem as you can see on their website, a lot of investment companies were able to buy into it very cheap already. So whenever the token is traded, you will pay a premium already.

  3. Projects related to NFTs will get it big I believe because of the buzz around NFTs themselves and having projects related to it is a plus. Savage, for example, is creating a carbon-neutral eco-friendly NFT marketplace with a 98% payout reward to content creators, I think with this it might become the center of attraction and that’s aside from what other projects are doing.

  4. NFT-related projects may skyrocket this year. Especially if that project will have numerous use cases, something that we desperately need in our current crypto ecosystem. And I believe Unicred has it.


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