PoWDump is now live

# [PoWDump is now live, deployed on IPFS!](

Currently supported is dumping ETHW for ETH.

PoWDump uses atomic swaps, which means that it is a two-sided market. Though the front-end only supports selling PoW ETH, takers are needed on the buying side of all dumps.

Everyone pumped to be dumping their PoW ETH should keep in mind that this is the beginning and it is difficult to say how much interest there is on the ETHPoW buying side at the moment.


# How does PoWDump work?

When proposing a swap by entering an PoW ETH value to dump and a price, a transaction will be sent to a contract on the PoW chain. This transaction locks the PoW ETH and commits to a lock duration, as well as to a secret value only known to you.

Counterparties interested in buying your PoW ETH will pick up the offer and match the swap on the Ethereum chain by committing to the same secret and values. You can then withdraw your ETH. The withdrawal happens by revealing the secret value.

The counterparty matching your trade will need to claim their PoW ETH using the same secret value you revealed, finalizing the swap.

More information at [

*PoWDump is shepherded by* [*CoW Swap*]( *via* [*CoW DAO Grants*]( *and* [*code developed by brainbot*](

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