Potential Flashbot or EVM bot. Need help understanding the use.

Hello all.

I’ve been trading in DEXes for a while now. I’ve used pancakeswap mainly in the BSC Network. I’m aware of flashbots there that use high gas to frontrun your operation and then inmediately take profit in what is called by Dextools as a drain (see Figure 1).

Investigating a bit I’ve been able to escape these bots by using very low slippage, making transactions fail when they try to frontrun me.

Well, the problem is that lately I’ve been encountering a different kind of bot/smart contract that drains my trades, but instead of making a buy followed by a sell, or viceversa, it simply buys and converts the bought tokens in a token called Chi Gastoken (see Figure 2).

I’ve been facing these for a while, usually taking the profits from my trades which fail to be executed because of low slippage, and I’ve seen that they are working and many different tokens through the blockchain. Does anyone know what these bots are about? How are they profitable? And most importantly, is there a way to avoid them taking my profits?


[Figure 1](


[Figure 2, taken from Bscscan \(https:\/\/bscscan.com\/tx\/0x965364d8a20acedf0c6dbc19d6b5b2b15d98c8755adcc2fe4375d28e99aac4d1\)](


PS: I misswrote MEV in the title

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  1. Start building contracts and execute through them.

    Chi gas token refunds gas basically, he’s just stacking up to get cheaper gas, lol


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