Possible to get a list of all yield farms on a dApp?

I am currently working on a portfolio tracker for people to keep track of… well… their crypto portfolio.

I’ve been collecting feedback for some time now and one question that always came up was whether I would be able to support Staking and (Yield) Farming, as people don’t only want to see how their portfolio performed, but also how much the rewards were playing into that performance. While it seems easy enough (pretty new to defi) to get tokens from a wallet and chart their performance over time, anything that has to do with dApps seems to be a major pain in the ass (as far as I can tell with my Google-Fu).

Do you guys know if there is an easy way to get a list of Yield Farms (for example) from a dApp? What I would especially be interested in would be the currenty APR of the farms to plot changes and compare it with other dApps that might support the same pair. I assume there’s no readily available solution, or I would have found it by now.

I do know that there are a few third party sites that seem offer yield comparisons, so it should be possible to do somehow. It would be great if someone could point me in the right direction.

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