Popular Non-Ethereum Collateralized Loan Platforms

I only know of Abracadabra, and their most popular borrowing pools are all on the Ethereum ecosystem so the gas fee alone has priced me out. Is there any other popular projects that allows us to collateralize yield bearing stable coins with low enough borrowing interests that our interest yields can pay it back like Abracadabra?

—EDIT: Thank you guys very much for the suggestions, I’m going through learning about them now! Please take my upvote of thanks!

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  1. Very good abracadabra-like project is mai.finance. They have a lot of pools on polygon and fantom.

    But unlike abracadabra only 0.5% fee charged on borrow repayment and nothing else, huge fan

  2. it hasnt launched yet but kinetic money is gonna have slef repaying non liquidating loans on the terra ecosystem. it self repays using the itnerest on anchor protocol though youll also be able to pay back loans early.

  3. Not sure if it will need your needs but I use Kalmar on BSC and I can borrow against my LP tokens for leverage

  4. Well, as it is written in the Bible, ask, and you shall receive. You have asked for knowledge and information, so shall you receive it. I know of Tranquil finance on harmony, I have also known of AXLtoken on both Binance smart chain and ETH network.

  5. You’re looking for: [https://app.hubbleprotocol.io/](https://app.hubbleprotocol.io/) – the yields on your collateral can eventually pay for itself. Their stablecoin: USDH – is backed with these baskets of assets.

    They’re trying to be Solana’s stablecoin; censorship resistance and fully backed.

    Liquidity Pairs can also act as collateral in the coming future updates. Feel free to check it out!

  6. Best Defi lending is on Defichain. No Risks of EVM Smart contracts, easy to use, loans up to from 150% collateral (5% rate at 150% with other vault option schemes for lower interest and you can use up to 50% on Defichain wrapped ETH or BTC as long as you use minimum 50% of Defichain dUSD stable coin or DFI or more), fast, nearly no gas fees (micro cents of DFI) Bitcoin forked sting chain, fastest growing Blockchain and Defi
    Grown 33% over Bitcoin year to date! You’re in full control on it’s Decentralized dex on their blight Wallet. Great community monitoring tools…etc etc. #Defichain best Defi and crypto project going just now passing 2.3 billion market cap and over 1 billion TVL.
    Great passive income with easy liquid mining right on app also.
    Oh Defichain just yesterday approved using their dollar stable coin for collateral! So you can take out loans without risk of default even. Many will do this to mint various of their synthetic stock tokens and mine them for over 100% Apr, or for shorting the stocks goin down in value.

  7. With Anchor you can do the 19.5% yield with UST (will be dropping by max of 1.5% p/mth).

    Then you can then go to Mirror protocol and supply the aUST (like an LP from the UST deposit) as collateral to short farm. This results in you receiving UST back after 2 weeks. Then use the UST to do a long farm on the same asset. It’s a variation of a delta neutral play as you get the rewards from both sides and not exposed to price of the underlying synthetic asset.

    The thing that appeals to me is the Anchor protocol is one of the safest protocols around and the reward is received in UST, not some farming token.

    Too many exploits still happening all over the place. Li Finance, Deus Finance, Agave and Hundred Finance all within the last 2 weeks, it’s just not acceptable


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