Places to find community: test and get feedback on dApps

Hello fellow Web3 enthusiasts! I’m new to this world, but already thinking on how / where test future dApp.
Maybe you can help me on that.
Let’s say you have a MVP dApp and want to expose it to the closed audience of Web3 people in order to test and receive initial feedback. Because build your own channel / group would be quite hard and insufficient at the Beta level.

Any helpful communities / groups? Could be Discord, any other platforms. Or maybe there were such discussions (didn’t find yet).

Would be happy to hear your thoughts / ideas!

I think that might be helpful for everyone who want to develop and open test to the world.

Thank you in advance!

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1 thought on “Places to find community: test and get feedback on dApps”

  1. Try [Archway](

    Granted mainnet is coming soon/this year, but there’s a LOT of action and plenty of dapp developers testing their dapp on testnet.

    IMO, Archway is the best place for developers to launch their dapp while earning automagic, on-chain rewards.

    The rewards model is the main innovation behind it, and it’s unlike anything in existence right now.

    [We have a Discord](, and we’d love to have you join us!


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