Past experiemces with reward tokens unlocking

ViperSwap will start unlocking Viper tokens in a few days. During the past year they have distributed rewards in the form 5% unlocked / 95% locked. Now the locked part will be unlocked over a year. That will be a significant increase in circutlatin supply, and in my opinion there is a risk the price will dump, even if it might eventually revcor as the protocol is relatively trstworthy and it is well positioned in terms of TVL on Harmony chain.

Is there any other DEX that has made this kind of unlocking in the past? How did it go?

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3 thoughts on “Past experiemces with reward tokens unlocking”

  1. Don’t forget that not only are they only releasing small amounts over time, but they are also increasing the rewards for the first two months that rewards pay out, so more incentive for people not to dump.

  2. Well, I’m still yet to find out. GlimmerSwap has not launched yet, but they are proposing low fees, high rewards, and no presale. I’m curious to know how theirs will play out.Β 

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