Lending/Borrow sites

I have been deep diving to defi since November and have stake some of my coins. I am thinking of leveraging some of the coins I’m very bullish on so I’m looking for a site … Read more

A new Blockchain innovation optimized for DeFi!

In early 2020, many businesses suffer due to the global pandemic. However, the financial sector proved to be resilient, as more people began to take interest in participating in the financial markets, such as the … Read more

How to find wBTC

I have bridged wBTC from polygon to Harmony network. However, afterward i am unable to find the wBTC even though i have imported a wBTC token. Would anyone know how i would be able to … Read more

Yield Aggregators are Ponzis

I know aggregators like Yield and Beefy are the most established yield aggregators out there, but after hearing about the BlockFi fallout I’m too scared to use any of these services. With any Ponzi, it’s … Read more

Minting and LP questions

The first Polkadot crowdloan winner Acala announced on Twitter that it would soon launch its inaugural pair lcDOT/DOT with LP incentives. A few questions to check whether I am understanding some concepts clearly: 1. I … Read more

Native Decentralized Finance for Bitcoin?

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is a developing area at the intersection of blockchain, digital assets, and financial services. DeFi protocols seek to disintermediate finance through both familiar and new service arrangements. DeFi aims to reconstruct and … Read more

Classes or study material?

Defi is complicated with just too many options and significant risks. I think someone with experience in the new financial innovation could improve adaption and get paid as well. If there is material out there, … Read more

Yield Farming Question

I am considering Yield Farming in the Ronin blockchain. I had a question about impermanent loss. If I placed $1,000 worth of SLP and $1,000 worth of Ethereum into a liquidity pool, and in a … Read more

A revolutionary act

One real revolutionary act against established corporations, against the current system. Move into cryptocurrencies, or better called crypto assets. Banks should be left behind and DeFi takes its present place. This current money system keeps … Read more

Stablecoins in DeFi

I want to touch on the topic of deFi on the downtrend. It’s no secret that with the markets falling, the DeFi sector also suffered. For example, at one time I threw part of my … Read more

What’s next?

For awhile I’ve been boring. Buy some bitcoin, send to cold wallet, repeat. Then I read and understood the risks so I bought some stablecoins for respectable APY on CEX, liked the safety. Tested out, … Read more

Curve Stablecoin Pool – Value Dropping

So yesterday I entered a Curve pool that is split across 3 stablecoins. The pool pays 28%, but today morning I notice that the value of my share in the pool has gone down. Sure, … Read more

Any Discord for those building DApps?

Are there any discord groups related to building dApps? I’m building my first ever dApp and want to connect with others doing the same or those who are more experienced, to share tips, struggles, etc. … Read more

Potential pitfall for shorting USDT

I’ve seen lots of defiers touting the strategy for shorting USDT through Aave and I’m wondering if they’ve missed a key consideration. In case you’re not familiar with this strategy, it goes something like this: … Read more

V1, V2, V3????

So I was listening to the bankless podcast and they said Aave V3 was now live on test net. I’ve also heard they talk about uniswap V2 and V3. I get they’re different versions but … Read more

Yield farming hands-on/visual aid learning tools?

Are there any websites/resources that let you work through problems and/or use pictures/interactive elements to explain yield farming? Reading articles and watching videos just has not done it for me, despite whatever intelligence level you … Read more

4 Ways to Become Crypto-Rich With DeFi

For most people, the main way to make money from crypto is trading it or holding it until it appreciates. While these ways are lucrative, they’re just a scratch of what’s possible with crypto and … Read more

L1 Chains – Staking for rewards

Hey everyone, wanted to ask a question about what major chains give the best staking rewards. I will be honest and transparent, Im only invested in NEAR protocol because a family member is a “degen” … Read more

Do liquidity pools reduce downside?

Entering liquidity pools can cause loss of upside when one side of a pair goes up, called impermanent loss. I was reading binance’s resource on impermanent loss which states: “Impermanent loss happens no matter which … Read more

What Is DeFi 2.0: An Intro

We provide over 100+ FREE crypto articles on our SubStack! 😀 (Link on our profile). This is not financial advice. **TLDR**: The above article has pointed out the problems that DeFI is facing and new … Read more

Governance token liquidity pools

Governance tokens (UNI, CAKE, JOE, BOO) paired with their corresponding crypto (UNI – ETH; CAKE – BNB; JOE – AVAX; BOO – FTM) typically yield higher farm rewards than their Crypto/Stablecoin (AVAX/USDC, ..) pairing counterparts. … Read more

CryptEx offers a free NFT💥

CryptEx will soon commemorate its anniversary. The team has decided to give away a free NFT on the eve of their anniversary. How can you participate? You just need to fill these surveys out. 💥 … Read more