eBook advice – An Introduction to DeFi

Hi all, I have recently authored a few eBooks regarding decentralised finance and am looking for advice. Below I have linked my gumroad and am looking for any and all feedback on my first eBook, … Read more

Lower minimal investment node projects

Hey there! I’m interested in those node projects, that have come up during the last weeks/months. However most of them require you to make a minimal investment, which is far greater than what I would … Read more

Solana vs Ethereum DeFi experiences

I’ve been involved in crypto since 2017 using CeFi platforms but have just started looking into DeFi options. I’m too poor to use Ethereum so have been using a few Solana platforms, including Orca, Francium, … Read more

Secret Network February Roadmap Update

​ [ https:\/\/scrt.network\/blog\/ecosystem-roadmap-february-update ]( [Secret Oracles]( the first RNG oracle for decentralized trustless random number generation. This could play an important role in many NFT and gaming projects. Read more about it in [Secret Feature … Read more

Crypto Whitelists and Airdrops Listings

We’re developing a web portal for daily and updated listings of Crypto ICO/IDO/Etc Whitelists and Airdrops. You can check the website at [www.getwhitelisted.me]( It’s an ongoing project that started in Dezember we’re updating it daily … Read more

LP hopping?

Hi all, I need to maintain a daily apr of 0.3-0.4% (or more, definitely a +) in order to hit my 1 year target. So as the title suggests, is it feasible to jump pools … Read more

How the DeFi and crypto influence adult industry

A large number of people have found jobs in the internet webcam industry. The employment that these webcam models conduct online might provide them with a substantial salary. Users frequently sign up for these services … Read more

Fake DAI Stablecoin

Traded my coins into DAI to invest in yield farming on the sidelines… at least that’s what I thought. I am now stuck in this worthless sham of a coin and will likely lose 99% … Read more

DeFi 101: What is an Atomic Settlement?

One of the concepts you can often hear about DeFi is Atomic Settlement. The essential element in the atomic contract is the simultaneous (instantaneous) exchange of two assets, if one of the assets does not … Read more

How are we okay with on-chain service fees?

Note: I’m not talking about blockchain fees but about unjustified fees that some contracts themselves take just to profit their creator or a group of people. A few weeks ago I was looking for a … Read more

Convex or Yearn for Curve LP pools?

Yearn and Convex used to compete for curve LP pools. Recently, Yearn has gotten rid of their original curve pools, and now their pools use Convex. The benefit of yearn seems to be that they … Read more

Best defi security practices

Hey everyone, what are all the ways a wallet can get hacked/phished and what would be the best measure to avoid each? My wallet recently got drained (luckily not all of it) and I really … Read more

You guys interested for a new platform for trading?

Metria is a multichain compatible platform that ensures seamless transfer crypto assets from various blockchains with low transaction fees. They also ensure secured transactions. The cross-chain compatibility enables users to exchange and swap tokens and … Read more

Juno Tools

After a serious run up the last few weeks on account of the Neta drop and upcoming Raw drop for JunoSwap Dex, Juno Network is showing no signs of slowing down. They just released the … Read more

Basics: Trading on constant-product AMMs

Most decentralized exchanges work on the *constant product formula*. Notable exceptions are [Curve]( and [Balancer]( which use the *constant sum formula* (this will be covered in a future article). This post will discuss how price … Read more

Curve’s Newsletter #66

Hi guys. If you don’t already know it, this is the no-official newsletter about Curve Finance. If you don’t have time to be 24-7 on Twitter. This is a good way to follow what is … Read more

Scallop DeFi Banking App

What do you guys think of Scallop? It’s the worlds first regulated DeFi Banking Application. It is pretty much a one stop solution for both traditional finance and crypto / DeFi. It will allow users … Read more

New to crypto and defi projects

I’m not sure if this is the right subreddit for my questions but i need some help understanding DeFi projects. I’ve tried looking for articles but it almost feels like a different language.. i’m not … Read more

Secret Network Ecosystem Roadmap – February Update!

Secret Apps are made from powerful, privacy-preserving smart contracts (i.e. secret contracts). Leveraging the computational privacy of Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs) and secret contracts, users have privacy by default when interacting with Secret Apps – … Read more

Protokol Marketing DEFI project

Protokol the world’s first Marketing Dex is born out of a pioneering introduction to the Defi ecosystem, a perfect blend of #Defi and Marketing tech. Check out for more details! [t.me/protokol\_live]( View Source

Coinbereau Recent Review of Secret Network

Secret Network is the first cryptocurrency blockchain to offer completely private smart contracts. This means that all smart contract inputs and outputs are completely encrypted. Transactions made on Secret Smart Contracts cannot even be viewed … Read more

Desire to be a great leader

**Quick background:** I (m22) am a college student who recently led internal operations within a cryptocurrency token’s protocol. The position payed well, and I worked from my laptop, which is a dream haha. Long story … Read more

SocialFi platforms!

I think that a crypto social media platform that offers rewards, privacy, and security traditional social media platforms sell data, and I think a decentralized platform would be a great use case for blockchain technology! … Read more

What Is PMM? (DODO)

We provide over 100+ FREE crypto articles on our SubStack! 😀 (Link on our profile). This is not financial advice. **TLDR**:In terms of the DEX market, protocols are increasingly developing new functions for more efficient … Read more

what’s your passive income strategy?

After many months of swing trading I have grown tired of looking at the charts all days. I want to start looking at ways to have a stable passive income. May I ask about your … Read more