Taxes and DeFi

How is everyone monitoring their transactions with DeFi? I know it’s quite easy with typical crypto and I’ve never been concerned about those transactions, but within the works of DeFi where you’re a glorified day … Read more

Does anyone trust

I’ve seen lots of comments recently recommending them, and obviously the rates look too good to be true. Although the team seems to be public online, I’m still sketched out by them a bit considering … Read more

Lowest cost of entry LP

Hi all, have been fascinated by defi and researching over the past few weeks. I struggle to learn without being “hands on” so keen to put a very small amount (i.e a couple hundred dollars) … Read more

Calculate native coins from lp

Hey is there a tool to calculate lp tokens into their native coins? I dont know how much worth the tokens are in native coins, it only shows the $ amount. And i am Not … Read more

Impermanent loss

I’m using the impermanent loss calculator to calculate the IL I’d have if a coins goes x%. What I have found is that if we take an example of Token A and stable coin. If … Read more

DeFi Crypto Arbitrage Question

Do you guys think this is legit ? If you don‘t trust the link I put, TLDR : Basically u buy obscure coins in some sort of Aggregator and try to find a coin with … Read more

218 Billion % APY – Mini Panther DAO

Anyone in this project? Advertised as like SnowDog but without the rug and that reached 6k within hours of launch! Will be interesting to see what happens when they use 80% of the treasury to … Read more

ETH Protocols Similar to Tulip Protocol?

Hey y’all! Just got into the SOL DeFi ecosystem a couple of weeks ago and so far loving it. I came across Tulip Protocol and it’s a protocol where you can stake stake your LP … Read more

Anyone with Security token experience

Security tokens are a very popular topic in the blockchain industry in the past few years. It enables various assets to be transferred to the blockchain to record ownership and manifest in the form of … Read more

Stablecoin pairs with high apr

Does anyone know any yield farms that offers really high apr for stablecoin pairs? Im currently in a sushiswap farm for busd-bscbusd pair and it gives 14% apr but was wondering if there are any … Read more

Arbitrage bots from Intelfin

Recently, I learned about a project that helped many people to invest and understand what they are doing, because not everyone now knows how the market works and can understand in time that there will … Read more

An offer to the scammers here

Every time I post in this subreddit, scammers flock into my DMs. So this time I want to take the initiative: Dear scammer, I have a proposal where you no longer scam anyone yet you … Read more

Increase Anchor Protocol Earnings

TLDR: You can increase your anchor protocl earnings with the use of Mirror protocol and leverage looping. Hello, I have seen a lot of people wonder what can they do with their aUST after they … Read more

Best Staking Coins In 2022 Compared

In order to invest in a coin with staking capabilities, users will need to find one that is built on a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain network, or something similar. As we look into the new year … Read more

How are you DCA-ing with a diverse portfolio?

Some questions for you, dear Redditors: 1. How many different tokens are you buying on a regular basis? 2. How often are you buying them? Weekly, daily, monthly? 3. Do you somehow automate this, or … Read more

Beware of deposit scams / Example

Apparently you can’t post images with text comments, so it gotta be an imgur link : Recently, a random account deposited a large amount of coins of a barely identifiable coin into my account. I … Read more

Another great news for Ekta token holders!

Price keeps on growing everyday! Holding such tokens will also give you partial and limited control over Ekta’s ecosystem! Don’t waste your time, this is the best time to buy Ekta tokens! Get it from … Read more

DeFi101: APY & APR

We provide over 100+ FREE crypto articles on our SubStack! 😀 (Link on our profile). This is not financial advice. **TLDR**: Understanding the two terms of APR and APY becomes even more important in DeFi … Read more

Interesting DeFi node project

$CUBO has been gaining a lot of attention recently. The price went from .80 cents to $18 and is holding up pretty well. The market cap is relatively low and from my research, they have … Read more

Using Trezor Seed on Ledger a bad idea?

My Trezor has been a pain in the ass lately when it comes to defi protocols. I am thinking of moving to ledger but it is difficult to move everything as I have some tokens … Read more