Help validate stables vault idea

Every week, I find myself spending some time searching for the highest yield in “battle-tested” protocols (like Aave, Compound, Curve, Uniswap, etc.) for blue-chip stablecoins (DAI, USDT, USDC) across different chains. Basically, I bridge and … Read more

DeFi chat — May 5

– crvUSD has been redeployed after identified mistake in deployment script: [link]( – Sushi Concentrated Liquidity v3 Is Live: [link]( – Stripe-hosted fiat-to-crypto onramp : [link]( – Voyager finalizing Liquidation Procedures, initial distributions targeted in … Read more

Need advice from DAO members

For the past couple months I’ve been working on a platform for DAO’s to be listed in a more public friendly manner in order to promote adoption quicker and centralize a platform to stay updated … Read more

How/where to leverage wstETH?

Hello everybody! I have some wstETH that I would like to put to work. The idea is to use it as collateral, borrow some stablecoin and then buy wstETH again. The question is where to … Read more

Opinion on investing portfolio

Hello DEFI degens, i have a question for the community that i hope u can contribute. I am looking to start my defi portfolio, i’m looking to allocate funds, in 65% low risk (2-5% APY) … Read more

DeFi chat — May 4

– Blur – Blend Security Audit: [link]( – Disabling reentrancy by default: [link]( – DeFi Slippage Attacks: [link]( – Spotters Almanac: [link]( – Script for crvUSD mainnet deployment just pushed to github: [link]( [join the … Read more

24.8% APY on Stablecoins

Hey everyone, We built a prediction market dApp on BNB chain and looking for liquidity providers for USDT and USDC pools now. The average APY – 24.8% The maximum liquidity limit for each pool is … Read more

Looking for user feedback: DeFi insurance

We’re building a tool to help increase onchain insurance adoption on Layer 2. We recently spoke to founders and builders across both DeFi and traditional insurance and compiled \[the industry’s first comprehensive report\]([ and learnt … Read more

Syrup pools

Hey everyone, long-time lurker, first-time poster here. I was wondering if there are other exchanges offering staking pools such as Syrup pools in pancakeswap. I am specifically looking for pools that have a beginning and … Read more

How Much ?!!

Hi, after [ I felt like developing another tool to help you estimate the profitability of your strategies in DeFi. So I present you [ 🙂 The application offers different operations that you can add … Read more

Help with Google 2FA

In order to withdraw money from my Coinbase Wallet, I need to set up Google 2FA. Can anybody provide me with a simplified explanation for how I do this within Coinbase Wallet? I keep getting … Read more

Does anyone still use cross-chain bridges?

At some point, all the buzz was about these, until hacks became prevalent, then we just stopped hearing all about them. Now we’re at this point where you almost hear nothing about these cross-chain bridges, … Read more

Overview of DEX Activity on Avalanche Blockchain

Hey everyone! I’m excited to share with you our new Avalanche DeFi On-Chain Analysis Dashboard, which has been powered by the recently shipped DEX swaps table (avalanche.core.ez\_dex\_swaps) from flipsidecrypto. The dashboard is designed to provide … Read more

Anti-sybil via proof of personhood

Proof of personhood is a specific form of sybil-resistance that assigns a single pseudonymous identity to each individual that interacts with a protocol, without requiring a central authority. Essentially, its usage would be similar to … Read more

The Curve Newsletter

Hi guys. If you don’t already know it, this is Curve Finance newsletter. If you don’t have time to be 24-7 on Twitter. This is a good way to follow what is happening [ And … Read more

The Impact of USDC De-peg on Pools

​ I recently created a dashboard to analyze the effects of the USDC depegging event on March 11th on various pools, including FRAX/USDC, 3Pool, FRAX/3Pool, MIM/3Pool, and sUSD/3Pool. I thought it would be interesting … Read more

Rollbit On-Chain Analytics Dashboard

Hey everyone! I’m excited to share the Rollbit On-Chain Analytics Dashboard, a comprehensive tool that provides valuable insights into the platform’s performance, user growth, and trends. The dashboard showcases a range of key metrics and … Read more

A thread on how to navigate DeFi Safely:

Here are a few tips I’ve managed to write down while navigating the wild west of DeFi. For newbies or advanced users, I’m sure there is something within my list you can learn from. * … Read more

Port security?

A friend who was walking me through my DeFi setup on Coinbase Wallet said he would “ask customer service for a port for me” and then he sent me the address to copy/paste into my … Read more

Bitcoin over Ethereum for DeFi?

Fronting this with saying: I’m still learning so please correct me if I’m wrong… From what I can see there are no, or limited, options to do DeFi with Bitcoin. Currently you have to wrap … Read more

Savvi Finance overview

I’ve been playing with Savvi Finance on testnet for the past couple of weeks and I have to say, I’m impressed. For those who aren’t familiar, Savvi is a new DeFi platform that allows users … Read more

My thoughts on Defiable Project

I’m looking a lot into Defiable Project and, so far, it looks pretty good. I’m gonna talk about a little bit about it, and hopefully we can have a discussion. The Defiable project has a … Read more

How important are Layer 0 blockchains?

I just recently got into Layer 0 blockchains and started to understand what they are trying to solve. [This article]( sums it all up really well but for those out of the loop here are … Read more

Lending BNB on Radiant (BSC) earn 30.83% ???

Something is happening to Radiant Capital on the BSC. Currently, by lending BNB on this protocol, we are making approx. 30%/year (???) The downside is that by doing that, we might be unable to withdraw … Read more

Hedging long term spot positions

I often use perps to hedge long trades, but now I’ve taken some profit into ETH, which I’m moving into my long-term wallet. Not sure what will happen in the medium term, but does anyone … Read more