Airdrops and taxes

With the upcoming Arbitrum Airdrop, I was wondering if people knew how claiming airdrops and taxes worked in the US. I was assuming they are treated as regular income and taxed at the price of … Read more

Best de-fi swap exchange?

What’s the best de-fi exchange to trade BNB with my wallet? Example: I only have BNB in my trust wallet and I’d like to trade my BNB into ETH, BTC, DOGE, etc – of course … Read more

What are some anonymous ways to buy BTC?

Hey, I’m looking for an anonymous way to acquire BTC without leaving any trace. I read about using ATMs, but they require a phone number, and there are security cameras everywhere. I’m considering buying through … Read more

Centralized Systems Are Failing: Who is at risk?

\- massive digital bank robberies \- control based monetary policies \- shitty investors managing billions at major banks crypto will take over. it’s the only way. [ View Source

Are Deposit Tokens a way into DeFi?

Swiss banks are exploring an alternative to private stablecoins in an effort to support the country’s economy in digital asset transaction settlements and payment execution. The Swiss Bankers Association revealed in a white paper it … Read more

DeFi Chat — March 19

– Aave v3 markets on Avalanche unfrozen: [link]( – GHO genesis parameters: [link]( – Euler exploiter send 3k ETH to Euler deployer: [link]( – BlockSec finds bug in ParaSpace and performs whitehat exploit to rescue … Read more

DeFiLlama hostile takeover in progress

[link to 0xNGMI’s post]( ​ Sad state of affairs as the person who owns the DefiLlama twitter and web domain is trying to launch a token despite the rest of the team not wanting it. … Read more

Matic staking question

Hello, I’m very new to defi. Apologies if this is the wrong place to ask this question. I have my Matic on the Polygon network, but I understand that to stake matic it needs to … Read more

DeFi Chat — March 17

– Rpays Transition to eUSD in Response to Centralized Stablecoin Risks: [link]( – Vote passed to deploy Uniswap v3 on Avalanche: [link]( – Maker PSM circuit breaker vote passed – will be executed on March … Read more

With a Euler hack, what options are you using?

Euler was a promising project, great team, and even a great product (outside of the donateToReserves exploit), and I fully hope they come back bigger and stronger than ever… Which i believe they will relaunch … Read more

Defi Tool collection

hi r/defi I wanted to know if there exist some kind of “Tool summary” for defi or crypto in general. I imagine tools/links like this: Useful for Uni V3: [ (planing you position) [ [ … Read more

Lido Mainnet V2 – the game-changing upgrade

After a testing period of about four weeks, the Ethereum mainnet launch is expected to take place in mid-May. However, stETH withdrawals will not commence on the mainnet until all audits on the code chain … Read more

Arbitrum airdrop safety tips

Official airdrop page: [ You’ll undoubtedly get flooded with scam DMs and posts pretending to be the official airdrop. Stay vigilant. Don’t share your keys with anybody, don’t approve contracts you’re not sure about, and … Read more

Doubts about perpetual futures

I have some doubts about perps. Let me start with futures. In exchanges, futures are cash-settled, so they’re basically bets on the price of an underlying asset. They have an expiration/settlement date, so there’s a … Read more

Is Cypto the #1 Scam?

Every day I get randomly contacted by folks that “hey can we be friends?”. Sure! I suspect it’s a scam, but I play along as I am intrigued how it plays out. Today was the … Read more

HappyHippo now on Arbitrum

[ A bit of background, We are a yield optimizer originally from BSC founded by redditors and have been around for over a year without any security incidents nor drama. A few of our past … Read more

Crypto & DeFi Chat — March 16

– Gauntlet Aave V3 E-mode Methodology: [link]( – Nexus Mutual Euler Finance claims filing: [link]( – Yama Finance docs: [link]( – Volt protocol v1 deprecated: [link]( – Premia V3 overview: [link]( [join the DeFi Discord]( … Read more

Will the USDC depeg have a major impact on DeFi?

The value of USD Coin, the fifth-largest cryptocurrency in the world, plunged to an all-time low on Saturday as a result of Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse. Circle disclosed that the financial institution has $3.3 billion … Read more

Rage Protocol – Delta Neutral Vault Update

RAGE Protocol has undergone an important update making it the first & the only protocol in the [@GMX\_IO]( ecosystem to partially hedge trader PnL Why does it matter? [@rage\_trade]( View Source

Top DeFi conferences/summits?

What are the best / biggest DeFi summits that happen each year? I’m interested to find out some to potentially visit next year and network to build out my connections in the DeFi community. I’m … Read more

Is Quickswap’s Gamma a no-go?

Hi, I’ll be brief. According to my calculations, Quickswap’s **Gamma is eating up my deposit by making nonsensical transactions in order to accumulate fees for other depositors**. 21 Feb – I deposit 1080 mat + … Read more

Could DeFi protocols spell the end of retail banks?

I am aware that DeFi and Bitcoin have disrupted the financial world, raising questions about the future of traditional retail banks. DeFi offers decentralized financial services outside of traditional banking. While Bitcoin provides a decentralized … Read more