Best CEX for Arbitrum?

Hoping someone in the community has some prior experience with converting onchain revenue (OTC token sales & swaps fee revenue) to fiat currency. The proposed plan would be Arb -> CEX -> Bank account. We … Read more

Detailed stats for pancakeswap lp

hi defi folks, anyone know a site where i can access detailed information for pancakeswap liquidity pools? Like historic volumen, tvl for certain pools. ​ couldnt find one using google…sadly. ​ cheers kazzle View Source

Crypto Staking/Cashing Out/Reinvesting

I live in the US and unfortunately I’m also a citizen. Although, I’m 100% leaving the country when I finish university. I started playing MIR4 about a year ago because I wanted to get into … Read more

Daily DeFi News – September 17, 2022

# DeFi 🏦 * [shAave]( * [Primitive arbitrage]( # Layer 1 & 2 ⛓ * [First post-Merge AllCoreDevs recap]( * [Ethereum’s next roadmap stages]( * [Proof Compression]( * [Eth issuance, burn and ultra soundness]( * … Read more

Anyone wants to team up?

I’m creating a trading team where we will actively look for crypto trades. Instead of doing all your research by yourself, we can team up and find more projects and entries. Part of the team … Read more

Daily DeFi News – September 15, 2022

## DeFi 🏦 * [Risk assessment on Neutrino’s USDN ecosystem for veCRV holders and LPs]( * [Introducing: DriftProtocol v2 Liquidity Trifecta]( * [Deploy Uniswap V3 to zkSync]( * [Financeliquid]( * [Pine vs Others]( * [Using … Read more

What are good newcomer defi investments?

I just bought my first ETH and I’d like to invest in DeFi projects. I’ve come across Uniswap ETH-USDC which this websites says is more than 100% yearly return in fees. However, I’m quite skeptical … Read more

Bloomify Platform on BSC and soon FTM launch.

Hi everyone. I just wanted to share a project called ***Bloomify*** which is an ***Advanced Yield Optimizer*** it has launched on BSC 2 weeks ago and will be launching on Fantom network today. The project … Read more

Daily DeFi News – September 16, 2022

DeFi 🏦 * [Why ve gauges is objectively a bad mechanism to implement for your protocol]( News 📰 * [Merge successful, PoS Activated!]( * [Aztec integrates Yearn]( * [Compound Treasury Launches Borrowing for Institutions]( * … Read more

PoWDump is now live

# [PoWDump is now live, deployed on IPFS!]( Currently supported is dumping ETHW for ETH. PoWDump uses atomic swaps, which means that it is a two-sided market. Though the front-end only supports selling PoW ETH, … Read more

Dex coming!

Dexpools is a smart contract OTC brokerage platform designed to trade crypto p2p which avoids high slippage and frontrunning transactions. Their token has gained a lot of attention over the past month in anticipation of … Read more

Would you want better access to web3 credit

Would people be more willing for under-collateralised loans via on and off chain data or prefer over-collateralised loans via only off-chain data as I’m currently building something that allows under-collateralisation of loans and would love … Read more

Welcome to our first AMA with Max from Mero Finance!

##Blurb on Mero Mero is a DeFi protocol that automates asset efficiency by enabling users to make their assets reactive to market conditions or user-defined variables. Mero’s core value proposition, *reactive liquidity*, aims to solve … Read more

71% APY on lending ETH on Aave

Today is merge day, and right now Aave is yielding 71% APY to ETH lenders. Is this simply a reflection of how many people are trying to borrow ETH (to capture ETHPoW after the merge), … Read more

Daily DeFi News – September 14, 2022

### DeFi 🏦 * [Risk assessment on Neutrino’s USDN ecosystem for veCRV holders and LPs]( * [Introducing: DriftProtocol v2 Liquidity Trifecta]( * [Deploy Uniswap V3 to zkSync]( * [Financeliquid]( * [Pine vs Others]( * [Using … Read more

No loss Lottery — Explanation

The No Loss Lottery provides users with the opportunity to win big every day at no cost—this document explains everything you need to know about our newest Invest product and how it works! The No … Read more

Curve weekly Newsletter

Hi guys. If you don’t already know it, this is the no-official newsletter about Curve Finance. If you don’t have time to be 24-7 on Twitter. This is a good way to follow what is … Read more

Daily DeFi News – September 13, 2022

DeFi 🏦 * [Synthetix and the Merge]( * [GMX <> Rage Collab proposal]( * [Lyra Finance guide]( News 📰 * [Cairo 1.0]( * [Kujira launches collateralized stablecoin $USK]( * [New concentrated liquidity AMM launched on … Read more

Solana is home to Projects that are history defining

Solana is the third-most-popular blockchain among DeFi projects after Ethereum and BSC. There are at least 11 DeFi projects built on the Solana blockchain. This includes decentralized exchanges, decentralized lending platforms, and decentralized marketplaces. With … Read more

Daily DeFi News – September 11, 2022

### DeFi 🏦 * [Understanding fee accounting in UniV3]( * [The Ethereum Merge – FAQ for stETH holders]( * [Important DeFi governance proposals for the MERGE]( * [$CVX wrapper research]( * [CoW Swap: the Future … Read more

Some cool DeFi moves on Tezos protocols

Hi everyone, I have decided to show some Tezos DeFi moves, focusing on low risks (mostly stablecoins). The DeFi ecosystem is booming and is fairly unnoticed so there are >10-20% APR with stablecoins farming (from … Read more

Playbook for picking projects to invest in

Hi folks. Anyone willing to share their process of picking what to invest in? What tools and resources (both off-chain and on-chain) do you use when researching a blockchain or a protocol. What metrics do … Read more

Daily DeFi News – September 10, 2022

### DeFi 🏦 * [Just-in-time Liquidity on the Uniswap Protocol]( * [TWAMM research]( * [Comparison Liquid Staking Protocols on Juno Network & Cosmoshub]( * [Damm Finance breakdown]( * [16 Early-stage Sui projects]( * [AIP V3 … Read more

Rigel Protocol Gift Dapp

Thanks to Rigel Protocol, Rigel Dapp will allow defi projects to reward their audiences, and by rewarding their subscribers on social media, influencers can significantly grow the size of their following. #blockchain #cryptocurrency #DeFi View … Read more

Found a Project but Need Opinions

I am hunting for safe secure and low transaction fees platforms and I found this one hidden gem Zebec and it offers real time pay rolls with mutisig wallets and also near zero transaction fees … Read more

Daily DeFi News – September 9, 2022

### DeFi 🏦 * [crvUSD]( * [Timeless Finance]( * [Tips to help Uni v3 LPs behave more like successful options sellers]( * [Sudoswap protocol review]( **News**📰 * [⚠️ Avalanche vulnerability report that could’ve taken the … Read more

Daily DeFi News – September 8, 2022

### DeFi 🏦 * [Uniswap to support the merge]( * [Rocketpool incentives]( * [Liquidity marketplace, 3xcalibur69]( * [Trader Joe’s New AMM: Binned Liquidity Book]( * [Breakdown of Premia Finance]( * [How BarnBridge V2 works]( News … Read more

Daily DeFi News – September 7, 2022

### DeFi 🏦 * [The bullish thesis on $YFI and Yearn Part 2]( * [Mechanics behind CFMMs like Uniswap V2, PancakeSwap, etc]( * [12 Protocols That May Shine Light On The Future Of Defi]( * … Read more

Daily DeFi News – September 6, 2022

### DeFi 🏦 * [Euler proposal to not alter ETH interest rate model ahead of the merge]( * [Yearn World]( * [Aave V3 Retroactive Funding]( * [Liquid staking for the interchain]( * [Timeless Finance – … Read more

DeFi NFT Markets and is that even a thing?

Recently I’ve seen a growing interest from different DeFi sources that DeFi NFT Markets might be taking over. I am not yet sure what to make of this. I can’t imagine if a DeFi market … Read more