P2E Gaming Without Investing is Possible! Be an Early Supporter!

There are two games upcoming that will not normally be free to play but you can earn the assets for free at the moment. So if you start being active on this early phase they will both be f2p for you.


1. Myria Games (it’s a game launchpad actually, but they are giving away 8 nfts at the moment, the game’s founders are the same founders as Epic Games, MARVEL, EA Games so the NFTs might be valuable. you can look at this thread for more info: [ and this is the game’s link: [ (referral)

1. KryptoFighters: Polygon Game to launch, they are giving away NFTs and NFT parts you just need to be active on discord and share their social media stuff. the game looked really cool to me, I like strategy games and this looks quite like “darkest dungeon” you can learn more about it here: [

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2 thoughts on “P2E Gaming Without Investing is Possible! Be an Early Supporter!”

  1. Oh this is more like new games… is this myria an app chain on octopus network? Not just new games offer F2P mode cus I know of Cometh battle, have been there since last year but still have the free mode.

    Would look at this kryptofighters. Like games on polygon chain.


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