Ovix hack & its lack of Transparency – Raising Ethical Questions

This heartfelt plea serves as a call to action for friends, guides, and fellow champions of the Web3 space

An impassioned request for support and amplification, hoping that someone with a larger audience will lend their voice and ask the critical questions that must be addressed

Your voice has the potential to reach wider audiences, raise awareness, and ignite the necessary conversations that will drive change

By uniting our voices and pushing for transparency, we can shed light on the concerns surrounding Ovix

The lack of accountability in DeFi is deeply troubling Protocols/teams often go unchecked for their actions and wrongdoings

It is disheartening to witness this recurring pattern without any means of holding them accountable or providing necessary remedies

There are teams and builders operating with dishonest intentions, seeking to exploit and take advantage of users while evading accountability

This cycle of unethical behavior perpetuates as they move from one exploit or failed endeavor to another

I want to shed light on the recent 0vix protocol hack that resulted in a substantial loss of approx $4.3 mil

It is crucial to begin addressing these issues one step at a time to establish a precedent & bring attention to the matter to mobilize a stronger collective voice


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