Orbiter Finance MetaMask Wallet Drained

I was hoping to get some answered regarding best practices and next steps considering my funds were drained from the hack surrounding Orbiter Finance discord. I interacted with a malicious smart contract where I permitted them allowance to spend tokens (I.e, $ETH, $ARB, $MATIC, $OP). I went on revoke.cash and removed the allowance to spend. But I want to make sure this wallet is still safe to use considering I still have tokens vested and locked in LP/Staking on Dapps. Is removing allowance enough to continue using wallet? Also I have been working on airdrops using the now affected wallet.

Please I need some answers of anyone who has experienced and/or been in the same place in the past!


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2 thoughts on “Orbiter Finance MetaMask Wallet Drained”

  1. Is it safe, probably…but do you want to leave any significant amount of money on something that is totally safe or probably safe.

    I would move anything significant to a new wallet and just use your compromised wallet to claim what you’ve farmed.

    Sorry for your loss on the orbiter discord hack. I only dodged it because my phone wouldn’t open up MetaMask. Painful lessons to be learned inguess

  2. Just to be sure, you didn’t lose funds on orbiter finance dapp itself right? You went for the scam airdrop link posted on the orbiter discord server that was hacked.

    Neither orbiter finance nor metamask was hacked. Users succumb to greed over scam airdrops.



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