Optimism vs arbitrum

Question for those who use optimism: is there any thing that I can do on optimism but not on arbitrum? Have a good chunk on arbitrum, and are considering moving some to optimism to farm future airdrop, but can’t think of anything than I can already do on arbitrum.

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4 thoughts on “Optimism vs arbitrum”

  1. The Synthetix ecosystem is only fleshed out on Optimism (so Synthetix, Kwenta, Lyra etc). They’re the only significant dApps that you won’t find equivalents to on other rollups. Some smaller futures stuff like Pika and Perpetual Protocal is also not on Arbitrum, but you can find things that do the same thing.

  2. Arbitrum has more apps than Optimism currently. I wonder what the criteria will be. I have the feeling snapshot is taken already.


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