Opinions on what is the Best/Most sustainable platform for staking crypto

I want to start earning some interest on my crypto, but I am relatively new in the world of Defi and I am not exactly sure how to utilize it to the best of my abilities. After some research it seems that Gemini, Celsius, and BlockFi seem to be the most safe and reliable (correct me if I am wrong). I am planning on staking btc, eth, matic, mana, aave, ada, avax, ftm to name a few. What would your recommendation be for staking that would provide me with the most security as well as the highest/most consistent interest rates on my staked crypto? Any recommendations help whether it’s from personal experience or your research, any sort of assistance is greatly appreciated!

P.S. I am U.S. based if that has any effect on the platform I use

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11 thoughts on “Opinions on what is the Best/Most sustainable platform for staking crypto”

  1. Avax is 🔑 Honestly try and stay within DEFI of maybe multiple layer 1 like avax and ftm as example .

    Stay away from cefi .. customer service is rediculous and not your keys not your crypto ! Trust me something will happen Even at the top exchanges such as coinbase , Gemini binance and kucoin all have daily hacks and issues and have almost zero customer service …

    Kucoin actually does Thur customer service on Reddit .. n I’ve used it when my withdrawals didn’t go through (multiple times ) and I feel grateful that I received anything ‘

    Gemini has done similar things over the years .. wen transaction stuck … It’s a waiting game One time I had to travel to Thur headquarters to finally get a transaction to go through ! No joke And they still have minimal customer service

    Zero privacy .. and when workin with them it’s very sketchy

    The entire reason to get involved is to remove the banks and centralized entities

    Only use cefi to onboard fiat !

    Just my 2 cents !

    Owning your key 🔑 n keeping safe is everything!

    #avax is future

    Be very careful with any large sum of i love you too so much money any place Including nexo block Fi .. coinbase Be careful with anything large unless you are controlling it !

    Use VEE finance on avax for all your APY Staking needs for blue chip assets

    And mirror and anchor for a savings account

  2. I’ve personally being using Gate.io recently for most of my staking and liquidity mining cos the APY is dope. But I think they have some issues with US users cos of regulations

  3. Well the best platform in term of APY is usually the least sustainable. I personally use CEFI (Celsius, Nexo, etc) just to get a passive income from stablecoins. It just makes no sense to deposit crypto on those platform from a technical point of view: cryptocurrencies exists to allow you to OWN your money. Why would you give them to others?

    On the other hand, you can always use DEFI to lend out crypto in a decentralized way. Or you can stake the coins which support staking. Rates are a bit lower but it’s way safer than a deposit on a platform/Exchange.

  4. I could say that some new platforms are going to be sustainable they are already learning from others mistakes and errors. That’s why Im waiting for Teneo to launch I believe that you should not really lock you token for you to earn, they have made this earn by just simply hodling you will be get paid by 10% of the total transaction fees.

  5. Staking on pNetwork pools on Uniswap with about 40%APY. I’ve recently joined another pool on Polygon network via Quickswap where I’m farming PNT, pBTC. There’s also staking options on Eidoo wallet as well as Keplr too, that’s where I stake JUNO currently.

  6. There are so many staking opportunities tbh. I personally take advantage of the PNT – ETH liquidity pool on uniswap and earn about 39% APY and I also stake PNT in the eidoo wallet too. DeFi is a huge space and you’ll realise there isn’t just one way of earning.


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