Not your keys, not your coins – secret recovery phrase

I understand the point of that expression and agree with it. I understand public/private key encryption. I understand that the public key is essentially the address of your wallet. But I’m not clear on one fundamental piece of the puzzle.

I created a MetaMask wallet the other day and got a public and a private key, as well as a secret recovery phrase.

I created a smart wallet in the Staker app and got a public key and a secret recovery phrase, but not a private key. I reached out to their support, and they replied stating that they don’t have that functionality (to let users have the private key). But they also tout the “Not your keys, not your coins” when talking about their smart wallet. They undoubtedly know a ton more about this than I do, so that likely means I have a gap in my understanding.

What am I missing?

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  1. The seed phrase is the most base level component of your keys. Your private key comes from a derivation path being applied to your seed phrase. So by having your seed phrase, you have all possible private keys.

    You can still take your seed phrase and put it into another wallet and access those keys by selecting the correct derivation path. Most wallets these days don’t even offer a way to directly input the private key, just the seed phrase which is used to generate your private key.


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