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Hi everyone. I used to be intechnology sales for the past 12 years and has been pretty successful throughout the career. But the high stakes sales job has taken its toll on my health and due to extreme attacks of UC, i was bed-ridden for a year along with lots of hospitalization. Now, I have decided, taking into consideration my doctor’s advice and not going back to the sales again. I have always found Blockchain and DeFi space to be very interesting. I would love to get into this space and make it a full time career. Starting from learning from the basics to full time advanced user. Is there anyone who can help me out. I would really help any assistance. I have enough saved to give a year of my life to learning everything there is to know about this industry and then start working freelance and work from home as my next career plan. Guys please HELP a guy in NEED!!
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  1. Start with this youtube playlist that walks you through the basics: [](

    Then my best advice would be to withdraw a small amount (<$100 is fine) to an EVM-compatible network with low fees like Polygon and start playing around with DeFi protocols.

    Don’t be afraid to ask questions on r/defi or in the [defi discord](

  2. On mobile so…

    OP: This is a high risk space low reward space- far worse than sales, for every success story you have 1,000’s in exit liquidity.

    Solid base of knowledge comes from reading whitepapers, first on start with the blockchains themselves and get an understanding of what people are trying to solve (blockchain trilema / byzantine generals problem/ etc ).

    Get into w community and participate – it’s the fastest way.

    Good place to start is Finematics. Avoid anyone who mentions great price or value and you should be fine. Also go to Crypto Twitter not reddit.



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