Nodes – the next OHM Forks?

So back in November/December, we saw a metric fuck-ton of OHM forks in Defi. We all know how that ended. Then came the Tomb forks.

Now all I hear about is Nodes, and tons of Node projects that are being released on the daily. Will we see a similar ending to Nodes? Interested to hear a debate on this subject.

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6 thoughts on “Nodes – the next OHM Forks?”

  1. It definitely seems like a ponzi on the surface, the general premise is your ‘node’ investment is spread across different defi protocols while somehow achieving higher returns.

  2. I don’t get it. You rent nodes managed by a single entity. Isn’t it the opposite of the philosophy?
    I mean, it centralises the validators and now you rely on a single trusted third party.
    What proof do you have that your node really execute the code they proclaim, and that they don’t change it?

  3. Nodes are still a thing and have valid usecass, i.e sMPC for bridges

    Ask yourself:

    – what utility/usecass does the project cover

    – why should I invest into innovation which i don’t even understand.

    If you only have a vague idea, maybe just watch for now

  4. I’m personally invested in a few nodes (strongblock, Thor, power). I do see a lot of new node projects. Just gotta be careful. DYOR.

  5. Yea for sure some are straight Ponzi schemes, but Strong, Thor, Flux and a few others really seem to have a bit more utility and sustainability than a lot of them. That said I still view it as incredibly speculative and am investing accordingly


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