No loss Lottery — Explanation

The No Loss Lottery provides users with the opportunity to win big every day at no cost—this document explains everything you need to know about our newest Invest product and how it works!

The No Loss Lottery is a no-loss Invest product that allows users to win big every day at no cost! The Lottery Account, with daily draws, rolling prize pools, and anytime drawdown, provides a fun yet flexible approach to investing. We’ve provided a comprehensive breakdown below to help you understand everything!

The No Loss Lottery works like a daily no-loss lottery. Essentially, this means that users can play for ‘free,’ with users receiving free lottery tickets and deposits remaining constant over the deposit period. Furthermore, all No Loss Lottery user deposits can be withdrawn from the liquidity pool at any time (subject to processing periods).

When users make a deposit, their funds are placed in a collective liquidity pool where they earn 4% APY\* interest daily. With Weshare acting as the intermediary, this liquidity pool is used to fund various off-chain debt financing deals, generating a consistent return and driving financial inclusion in emerging markets.

The collective liquidity pool’s daily interest is added to the Lottery Account’s prize pool. A randomized draw is held at the end of each daily prize period. If there is a winner, they receive the entire prize pool. If no one wins, the accrued interest is carried over to the next prize period.

Your chances of winning are directly proportional to your share of the collective liquidity pool. If your deposit made up 20% of the liquidity pool, your relative odds of winning compared to other depositors would also be 20%. This means that the more money you put into your Lottery Account, the better your chances of winning.

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2 thoughts on “No loss Lottery — Explanation”

  1. This is not a new concept.

    This is essentially a Prize Linked Savings Account.

    Moneypool is a great example of a no loss lotto in crypto/defi.

    How is this any different? I wonder what attack vectors exist here?

    Edit: Financing Off Chain???? Lol nope…


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