NFTs A Joke, Scam ór Stupid?!

Who owns a Crypto Punk? Or do you have your eyes on other collections! Sharing is caring. In the article some cool artist and their collection.



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5 thoughts on “NFTs A Joke, Scam ór Stupid?!”

  1. NFTs are changing from the regular JPEG images that is everywhere to actual utility product. I came across Seekers robotic NFT that alongside Sylo assist in linking decentralized comms in the open metaverse.

  2. NFTs are used in games, tickets, real estate for fractional property ownerships, etc. There are some that generate yields. These JPEGs won’t matter anymore, with time.

  3. None of the following apply to NFTs. NFTs have numerous applications. Some are used in ticketing, licensing, Sport, Music, Land and also wrap NFTs. There are now yield bearing NFTs available that can be used to generate passive income.

  4. Nfts is really awesome, but I have set my targets on $Flurry Finance, flurry finance is the best yield protocol generation protocol I have seen so far


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