Next phase of Defi: Governance Token Takeover

This space is still relatively new but the meta is changing slowly. As time goes by, protocols become more established and tokens are distributed. It’s important that you discover those projects you’d like to be apart of for the long run. When the APYs of vaults drop, you need to have tokens that will still give you benefits and allow you to print. I am considering the following projects to stockpile governance tokens:

– Boo
– Spirit
– beets
– Lqdr
– Oath
– Beefy



I am doing a write-up for each of these, discussing the main uses of their tokens and why their good for the long run. Are there any other projects I should be paying attention to? If you’d like to receive these write-ups and more of my research, sign up to my weekly newsletter: [](

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3 thoughts on “Next phase of Defi: Governance Token Takeover”

  1. If importance of governance tokens in crypto is your focus area then no better example than the current scenario in Juno network (cosmos based smart contract chain)


    TLDR is that Juno airdrop which was aimed for decentralization was received by a custodian (who should not have been eligible) in multiple accounts. This entity with 10% holding in Juno is a risk to ecosystem and how the core team and Juno community worked together on proposal 16 to correct this action will go down in history books. The issue is still ongoing, but instead of seeing the positivity of Juno Governance and community the entire episode has attracted unwarranted FUD.

    Such market reactions actually may be opportunity for those willing to explore the issue and see if it has any long term bearings on the project. In case of Juno I strongly felt it wont matter in a year purely due to the value this cosmos ecosystem is creating and displaying strong mechanics of governance. Importance of governance tokens is still overlooked in crypto

  2. You should also consider UDO token, though not yet a governance token but it will be used on the Unido enterprise platform as such, after the enterprise platform might have gone live.


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