New projects people should keep eye on?

The more I understand about cryptocurrencies, the more persuaded I am that it is here to stay. Cryptocurrencies have risen and fallen in popularity over the last few years. And, as with any new technology, there’s a lot of speculation in the market, which causes big price fluctuations and attracts a lot of investors looking for quick profits.

Ethereum currently has a scaling issue. As it is right now, Ethereum’s blockchain can only handle 30 transactions per second (TPS). Activity on Ethereum’s network has been growing as a result of the booming market for decentralized apps (dApps), leading in high gas prices (the cost of processing a transaction) of up to $148.

What’s you opinion on everything, do new projects even have a future in cryptoworld?

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24 thoughts on “New projects people should keep eye on?”

  1. Umbria Network, it’s like 6 months old, has eth, bsc, avax, fantom, polygon bridges, Farming and Bridge liquidity with good APY’s

  2. TLDR: I really like Thorchain (not Thor network where you buy Thor nodes and IMHO is a ponzi).

    Thorchain is a DEX that allows you to swap assets natively (you have 1 btc in your BTC wallet, and you can swap that for the equivalent amount in another crypto, for example ETH in the native wallet).

    I really like the idea of being able to trade without having to deposit crypto on a centralized exchange (due to security reasons) and i think this will enable true decentralization and anonimity (especially when they will add the monero pool).

    It is still in its infancy, so lots of bugs and it is very difficult to find a lot of info/data besides the Whitepaper (is it truly decentralized? Token allocation? Can Node operators blacklist addresses? Etc.)

  3. I love how Anchor protocol is doing. I personally think DeFi protocols have bigger potential than we ascribe to them. Govworld is following in a similar path with its unique P2P customizable lending platform that includes the option for NFT collateralization, something that’s almost impossible currently in DeFi.

    I believe that new projects that find ways to integrate NFTs, metaverse assets and playtoearn features in DeFi have a big future in the crypto world.

  4. New projects will rise

    Talking about Gas, Kadena’s Kaddex doesnt have gas fees

    anyway its a highly competitive market, there will be no winner take all, both higher and lower gas will be used, what matters is usability and usefulness, L2 will be used if the L1 isnt efficient or special enough like in ETH, L1’s need to be stable and rarely change, only having big jumps maybe every 5 years or even more,

    otherwise L2’s that are more centralized can take care of the specialized things L1 cant take care about and change more, leveraging the L1 they are built on,

    Then dApps build on that

  5. A ton of new projects have a future for sure. I just got into Hyperdex and I honestly believe they will be here for the long run.

  6. Did ETH TPS just got increased to 30?, I’ve always known 15TPS for ETH.
    Meanwhile many scaling solutions has been birthed to address many ETH issues, Nahmii can process thousands of trx per seconds, with instant finality and apparently low gas fee which makes it commercial ready.

  7. One of the issues might be that computing power and memory space has become so cheap on centralized servers that developers, like myself, forgot how to optimize code to run as fast and in ETH’s case cheaply as possible. Some smart contracts are really bloated or write too much to the blockchain to store variables.

    I found this AMA interesting: []( It’s from the founder of a DEX which is 65% cheaper, because it is more efficient in their contracts and the founder explains how he did it. Interesting read!

  8. I have a lot of projects I’m keeping an eye on, but one that is sticking out for me is Venice Finance. They’re working with zk proofs and developing bulletproofs. Front running resistance and full anonymity to protect its users.

  9. I think most of the issues with ethereum would be forgotten once eth 2.0 is released. But to answer your question, yeah!! of course there’s still a future for new projects. Everyday more innovations are being made and more projects are being created to replace centralised agencies in every sphere of life. I was reading about a few new projects in DeFi lately and one or two of them caught my eye. Polkaparty, the first is basically aiming to bridge the gap between the veterans in this space and the noobs by allowing collective investments. HyperdexFinance was the other and they impressed me even more. They’re basically an algo trading platform that allows for users of all risk level to participate in trading by choosing any investment “cube” of their choice. For someone like me who isn’t comfortable with taking high risks, I’ve opted for the fixed income hypercube which guarantees an increased 20% return on deposited $HYP tokens. They’re already certik audited and even had a forbes mention last week so I know they’re nt just some scam project filled with promises.

    Projects like these are what we expect in the coming months and years. And as more n more of them come around aiming to address our human needs, there’s always a future.

  10. I’ve been looking for the ideal project to coincide with current events in the world. We are dealing with a serious issue, such as the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. Then I discovered that, notwithstanding what is currently occurring, what is remained after that?

    “ Estate, Land , Property “

    Finally found , Bricktrade — real estate that has been tokenized , whereas you can buy a fraction or a whole when you invest to the property of your choice ! As it’s #PreIDO is actually live now under launchpool , ya’ll better do your own research !!

  11. There’s a future for new project most are adopting multi-chain protocol already, look at gems like AXL the DeFi platform with lot of utility put in place for it user’s ranging from staking, liquidity mining, minting of NFT with lending and borrowing protocol. That’s a whole lot and it’s multi-chain.

  12. Well for me i’ll stick into defi projects like Polkacipher.. This is not new but its worth sharing. Here, you assets are safe and you can need to mint an NFT as a key! More interesting features are here, deep dive!

  13. New projects will rise and does have a future in the crypto world. I’m looking to investing in a couple. Got recommendations on XSN and I’m looking into it.

  14. Drip! It’s going to explode with the new partnerships they are doing. Animal farm, chain link, games, with a dex..

  15. First ever Blockchain p2e RPG game just released today called Holy Grail. reminds me a lot like runescape. You can play and mint characters now at []( You will need to purchase $HLY to mint a savable NFT character at []( Its on the harmony one network. No one knows about it yet, still less than 2m mcap and has a huge partnership coming on Monday.

    video teaser: [](


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