New Project: Real estate Trading On The Blockchain

Despite all the negative stuff happening right now in the crypto world, I think this is the best time to build, particularly in DeFi.

I would like to present a new project we’ve built for Chainlink’s Hackathon and would love to get peoples’ view on it.

* The idea is to bridge off-chain real estate data with the blockchain and enable users to trade on real estate prices of cities from around the world.
* The protocol is similar to Synthetix but for real estate and it’s overcollateralized.
* Just launched on Polygon’s Testnet and would love to hear your brutally honest thoughts, considering that there is no established protocol for real estate.

Ultimately our goal is to enable physical real estate to be put as collateral and even to enable on-chain mortgages.

Lading page: [](

App: [](

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1 thought on “New Project: Real estate Trading On The Blockchain”

  1. This doesn’t make any sense. Your website says landlords can use their property as collateral yet also states no actual real estate is used. It just doesn’t make much sense and I’m all for real estate data being on chain, but it needs to be adopted by governments


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