Need Help Recovering my funds


I transfered crypto to Defi wallet app to the site
But they refuse to let me withdraw my funds.
I googled them and many others are experiencing the same problem.
Is there a way or somebody I can reach to that can help me?

Long story short,
I met a girl online on a dating site and we chatted a long time on what’s app which eventually led to this. BTW the girl is real as we actually video chatted. She said she’s an expert on crypto trading and can help me trade crypto.
Transfered a little money to defy wallet crypto-terming and we made 6 option trades over few days which all resulted in profit. Eventually led for me transfering more funds to trade. But I got cold feet and googled the site and saw multiple scam reports. At that point, I realized all transactions on that site are likely fake and manipulated to show profit. I’m not sure how the scam was going to end. Likely they will keep showing me more and more profit to keep depositing more funds until they butcher me with a fake transaction option trade in which I lose my funds.

I did not want to wait to see how it ends so I decided to attempt to withdraw my funds.
I was able to trick her to return some of the funds by telling her I needed to pay for mortgage.
But now she knows that she’s exposed. The site will not let me withdraw my funds unless I deposit 3k into their site which I’m not going to, of course.

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2 thoughts on “Need Help Recovering my funds”

  1. Mate, absolutely don’t transfer anymore money to anyone and write a loss for your current funds. If you have her ID talk with the law enforcement agencies

  2. Sorry fam. You got scammed. Probably best to just take the L and learn from it. Don’t deposit into shady websites.


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