Need advice! I want to fork to Pancakeswap and launch my own DEX.

Let’s say I just want to Ctrl C + V the pancakeswap and just give it different visuals and maybe implement some new cool functions. I need answers to these questions:

– Is it a good idea, when there is a cryptowinter going around?

– What are some of the pros and cons of starting it / managing it?

– How much would I have to provide to liquidity pools and how should I reward the liquidity providers?

– Launching own token?

– Security measures?

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5 thoughts on “Need advice! I want to fork to Pancakeswap and launch my own DEX.”

  1. why?
    there have been 10,000 “pancake killers”
    but first is first.
    uniswap still uniswap and cake still cake.

    who tf need another dex on an established chain.

    pancake’s whole schtick was farming an inflationary token. worked wonderful for early and skilled farmers in young defi summer in full on bull. their milkshake brought all the degns and retail to the yard.

    dex bread and butter is fees. fees come from usage. and they have ringfenced the users very well. how you gonna steal their users? whats on offer and why should anyone care or trust you?

  2. if you want your DEX to be used, then you need to create something new, if you just have a copy then no one will be interested in it

    for example i’m waiting for Kaddex to launch, right now it’s auditing and it will be the first gas-free DEX, and people will use it because it’s unique

    so you have to make something of your own and use a cheaper and decentralized blockchain

  3. Idk dude do you even know how long it takes to do it properly..and secure..just look at KDX DEXfor example, so much auditing and testing so they have a firm product..Even partnered with immunefi for the bug bounty…Its a loot of work and it aint one peoples work ,need a team, finance everything..just sayin


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