Need advice from DAO members

For the past couple months I’ve been working on a platform for DAO’s to be listed in a more public friendly manner in order to promote adoption quicker and centralize a platform to stay updated about all the different DAOs, currently the landscape is a mess and the only methods to learn about and stay up to date in the DAO community are through doing your own searching on twitter and discord, there are a couple sites that attempted to do this but they all either closed down or have like 20 DAOs and then stopped working the concept, not to mention that there isn’t much functionality besides being able to read a quick about me. Unless a DAO is on twitter with a decent following they have no platform to put out updates/info/discussions about their future.

My vision is an OpenSea platform but for DAOs to be listed instead of NFTs and it can serve as a hub for them to post content/updates, host discussions, etc… and for the users you can easily search through this platform and find all the information you would need to know about any DAO, their future etc…

Where I need advice is for suggestions about the specific types of content and features that I should provide support for each DAO’s page, for example, right now my list of features is the following

\-about me for each DAO

\-updates/news section for the DAOs to post upcoming events/plans


\-chat for members of each DAO

\-roadmap/timeline that tracks all the previous accomplishments or initiatives so you can go back and learn about each one

\-investing functionality so that you directly obtain tokens for each DAO from their page

These would all provide a decent amount of functionality and usage but are there any key features missing?

also if you have any general suggestions feel free to PM or comment because this community is still niche so its hard to find dedicated and trustworthy people

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1 thought on “Need advice from DAO members”

  1. Hey, your platform for DAOs sounds really interesting and much needed in the current landscape. It’s great to see developers building tools to promote adoption and centralize the information on DAOs.

    Regarding the features you mentioned, they all seem like useful functionalities for the platform. However, I would suggest exploring the integration of [Oasis Network]( for added security and privacy. With Oasis, you can ensure that member lists and chat messages are kept private and secure using its advanced encryption techniques.


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