Need a hand going int he right direction, looking to buy some eth/avax/ftm

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Hi guys,

Been in defi for around 4 months, it’s been a rough ride. I got into nodes which has served me well but I spent so much time learning about nodes I haven’t actually done much more research into defi. So here I am.

I’m looking to invest in some coins, stable coins and Eth, FTM, Avax/similar. I’d be looking to hold long term and get some returns on them. I’ve heard of places like blockfi & tomb.

Can someone point me in the right direction so I can start my research journey. I really enjoyed ‘Digital Gold’ but something a bit more specific to defi and the workings would be great and general blogs, pod casts and advice for future investments away from nodes.

I’m looking to put a couple of thousand into a few coins. Reason being, I want to start investing in the future, maxing out bank savings account and not having my eggs in one basket. So I thought it made sense to buy something like Eth, maybe some bitcoin.

Thank you.

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6 thoughts on “Need a hand going int he right direction, looking to buy some eth/avax/ftm”

  1. Start by taking a look at []( It shows the most popular chains/networks, and the most popular protocols.

    Take a look on the most popular DeXes (Uniswap, pancakeswap at BSC, quickswap at polygon, traderjoe/pangolin at avax and so on), money markets (like AAVE, BENQI…), bridges (like Multichain and others), auto-compounders/strategy agregators (like Beefy, Yearn, and other network specific ones). They all work together to make the DeFi space work as it is.

    As for investment strategies, I’d stay clear from low market cap/small caps, at least when you are getting your feet wet. BTC, ETH and network natives (like BNB, MATIC, AVAX, FTM and so on) are your best bet. You would like to find good Liquidity Pools in trustworthy DeXes and/or strategies in auto-compounders/strategy agregatos. The safer ones would be pairs involving stablecoins, btc, eth and other natives. Only go for smaller projects, protocol tokens and others after you read a lot about it and talk to the community. Always go to their DIscord or Telegram to see how things are being run. Serious projects with good documentation and community management are what you are looking for. If all you see is moonboys, broken english and rocket emojis, run fast.

  2. yes you are right, you can buy BTC,ETH maybe stake them in a good platform to enjoy passive income or better convert to tenBTC,tenETH once teneo goes live this Q1, you will still earn passively as well with no staking…

  3. The best you could do is find promising new projects in defi or maybe even nft/gaming because if the market would crash a bit more, something as Avax would drop a lot, I mean it was $10 like a year ago, now its $90. Not a good time to invest into it.


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