Nami Wallet Reset Lost Funds PLEASE HELP

Hi everyone,

I had to reset my Nami wallet and was able to using my seed phrase. However the address that was assigned is different from the previous one and my funds are not showing up.

Reading other posts I believed that Nami only uses one main address and in order to see my my total funds I would need to use Eternl or ccvault to restore. I tried to restore my wallet using Eternl but still don’t see that address or my funds anywhere.

I really don’t know what to do and I’m starting to freak out because it is a significant amount. If anyone has had this issue before please help, I would greatly appreciate it!

Here is the old address that the funds are sitting in:


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2 thoughts on “Nami Wallet Reset Lost Funds PLEASE HELP”

  1. Use a different browser, download the Nami Wallet extension.

    Then when asked to choose between “Create a new wallet” or “Import an existing wallet” choose the latter ie Import an existing wallet option.

    Then enter the seed phrase from your previous Nami wallet and you are all good to go.


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