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# What is LeverFi?

[LeverFi]( allows traders to deposit yield-bearing collateral and trade the fluctuations in asset prices at up to 10x leverage. With the revolution in DeFi taking shape, we are positioned as a unique offering within the crypto scene and is on track to ship our flagship product in Q3 2022.

# Why Makes LeverFi Unique?

LeverFi lets users earn yield while trading at leverage.

LeverFi accepts a wide range of assets, from token majors (such as BTC, ETH, BNB) to LP assets (such as Curve-LP, Uni-LP, Cake-LP) as collateral on the platform. These assets are redeployed to farming platforms such as Yearn, Convex or Pancake farms to earn yield for users.

As an illustration, using LeverFi, a trader can:

* deposit $100,000 alUSD-3CRV LP tokens (100% stablecoins) as collateral,
* earn \~5+% APR in CVX and CRV as farming yield,
* and leverage trade with up to $400,000 worth of liquidity (assuming 80% LTV and 5x leverage).

LeverFi uses a cross-margin model, which means that users can unify their yield-bearing collateral into a single collateral basket to make trades in size.

# How Does LeverFi Work?

Lenders deposit funds on LeverFi to lend to traders, who drawdown funds from the Lending Pools to enter leveraged trades. Idle assets that are not utilized by traders (idle liquidity) are deployed to farming protocols for yield.

Leveraged trades are stored and settled within the Lever platform only. A liquidator system is needed in the event users are margin-called. Users are margin-called when trading losses exceed the liquidation threshold.

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