More than 30% of the world’s population is literally unbanked. And that seems to be an opportunity to capitalize from.

If you think cryptocurrency is the enemy of the banking cycle, you’re definitely wrong. But cryptocurrency obviously offers an alternative investment opportunity for everyone. And the fact that a big number of individuals around the world do not have bank accounts signals an opportunity to have these people are potential investors.

Honestly, DeFi is probably the strongest contender to act as the main alternative investment for individuals, especially that there’s a lot of room for growth in this space. And platforms like Baanx are already showing that.

I’m not saying that cryptocurrency or decentralized finance are about to take over and kick banks away lol, but we’re definitely about to witness a big number of investors preferring to join this space instead of putting their money in banks.

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5 thoughts on “More than 30% of the world’s population is literally unbanked. And that seems to be an opportunity to capitalize from.”

  1. Right on point. I’m trying to dig deeper into knowing more Defi platforms as well, researching on Stakenet at the moment

  2. Ever considered that these people might be happy as they are and don’t want a modernized life? Just some food for thought

  3. DeFi is evolving fast and i can only imagine the potential of new blockchains emerging out of the shades. Kadena is one of them, 480k tps and super secure, limitless one could say. And i am super bullish on a dEx that is being built on KDA, Kaddex will revolutionize the decentralized exchanges aproach cuz its gas free, yup you heard right

  4. Even for the banked, crypto opens many doors.

    Access to US stock market through synthetic stocks:
    In many countries, direct foreign stock markets are very limited or not an option at all.

    Hedge against local currency:
    Let your savings mean something instead of losing value to ridiculous inflation (Argentina, Brazil etc)

    High interest savings
    10-20% yield on stablecoins

    Cheap borrowing interest rate
    Countries with high inflation have super high interest rates. You can borrow for much cheaper through defi if you can out up the collateral

    But my favorite is still remittance.
    Fuck lining up at your bank to get permission to send your own money overseas and have to pay BS service fees
    Get it over with in a few seconds or minutes

    Just keep your money safe
    Many countries abuse their power. Freeze random bank accounts “accidentally”


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