Mirror.xyz – is it worth trying?

Hi everyone! I write web3 related articles and was looking at Mirror as a possible substitute to Medium. I am however very skeptical about it.

Does it have an algorithm to promote articles to readers like Medium does? The articles that are on the main page are from spring 2022.

So far it just seems very gimmicky with collecting articles as NFTs and wallet subscriptions. Is it actually a popular place for people to come and read posts about web3?

Basically, does anyone here use it and what are the advantages?

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3 thoughts on “Mirror.xyz – is it worth trying?”

  1. I can’t think of any web3 socials right now that have the reach of their web2 counterparts, so no.

    At the moment there’s no competition.

    However that doesn’t mean it will always be that way, and that you shouldn’t at least attempt to adopt it.

  2. Nothing stops you from posting on multiple platforms.

    so IMO you should try it out, and at the start of each article you can include a link to your medium original content (or the other way around).

    You can also check out: [https://www.home.nuance.xyz/](https://www.home.nuance.xyz/) which is completely hosted on the blockchain. It is a fairly new product, but I would recommend that you post on multiple platforms and add backlinks between them.


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