Minting and LP questions

The first Polkadot crowdloan winner Acala announced on Twitter that it would soon launch its inaugural pair lcDOT/DOT with LP incentives.

A few questions to check whether I am understanding some concepts clearly:

1. I bridge my DOT over to Acala and provide it to the lcDOT/DOT LP. To have a LP position, I need to balance a 50/50 split. Since lcDOT will not be pegged 1:1 with DOT on the beginning, I will have an unequal position of lcDOT to DOT correct? (ie. 10 lcDOT/7 DOT) Am I understanding this correctly?

2. Providing to the lcDOT/DOT LP will be beneficial as long as the yield is greater than what I would receive from staking DOT alone (14-16%) since *eventually* lcDOT will be pegged 1:1 with DOT at the end of the 2 year lease period.

*This is assuming I do not want to crowdloan any further DOT for further speculative yield*

3. If lcDOT is indeed pegged lower than DOT, if the “discount” becalmed attractive enough, where can I directly buy lcDOT? Acala app?

4. What is the benefit of minting aUSD? Is this a hedge? Am I minting only if I predict that DOT will drop and I want to have a stablecoin which I can use in DeFi? People are saying that we can’t use lcDOT to get a yield but doesn’t the lcDOT/DOT LP do **exactly this?**

Can’t I just take my lcDOT, provide it to the lcDOT/DOT LP, my lcDOT position will rebalanced into lcDOT/DOT and I will get a yield?

I guess I really just don’t get the minting aUSD aspect.

Sorry for the repetitive and simple questions. Very new to this and just trying to work this all out so I can take full advantage when things launch. Thanks!!

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