MetaMask Integrates Connext

# MetaMask Integrates Connext

## Metamask, the most popular web3 non-custodial wallet, has [integrated Connext](

MetaMask has recently launched a new dApp called Portfolio, with a series of tools for users to monitor and manage their funds. With the launch of their Bridges aggregator, **Metamask has selected Connext for its security and reliability to move tokens across chains**.

**While the initial integration only includes the MetaMask Portfolio dApp, users will soon be able to perform** [**crosschain swaps**]( **directly in their wallet or MetaMask browser extension.**

As [explained]( by the MetaMask team, **Connext was chosen for its security, trust-minimized design** (one that doesn’t rely on external validators), and its **ability to extend to multiple networks**.

While we were chosen primarily for our best in class security, several other factors were seen favorably by the MetaMask team:

* Recent and regular audits of the deployed contract code
* Battle testing with time/volume on multiple mainnets
* High liquidity and reliability
* Robust handling of failure cases

This is part of a long-term synergy with both the Consensys and the Metamask teams.
In collaboration with ConsenSys, we recently co-published a guide on the different types of bridges available in the ecosystem today.
And Metamask released a guide on how to use Connext NXTP (an updated guide for the Amarok upgrade will be published soon).

As usual, when using a bridge aggregator, **it’s important to choose** [**the most trust-minimized bridge**]( **to avoid exposing your funds to unnecessary risk**.

When the Amarok upgrade goes live, we expect to see even better pricing in our transactions together with lower latency for the system to provide quotes from aggregators.

As this occurs, we anticipate that Connext will quickly become the favorite choice for users, not only for its security but also for its low cost and speed.

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