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I am using all kind of platforms/info-sources to navigate through the constant changing DeFi & crypto landscape. I am mostly using the defiant, coindesk, taiki maeda, DeFiLlama, DEXscreener, coindix, glassnode, coingecko. Still I find it difficult to get a good overview. What are you guys using?

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  1. I want to ask the same question as well, but it seems that there’s no single crypto analytical tool that satisfies all the needs, you’ll have to switching from different tools and platforms. My favorite ones are coingecko (which just replaced by coinmarket gap haha), into the block, and Dune analytics. For portfolio management I used zapper and apeboard

  2. The Sidebar DYOR Databank has a bunch of great links.

    It depends on how you read the market. I use Apeboard, CoinGecko / CoinMarketCap, DefiLlama, and the project whitepapers. Very rarely do I run comparison charts via MultiCoinCharts.

    Dune Analytics is great if you know or want to learn SQL for custom data queries.

    I stay away from crypto news sites. All of them are pretty awful.

  3. How about you try some AI TECH just like that of Blockbank. Quite informative and interesting as they are nascent and surprisingly nice.

  4. Best way to keep up with the market news, just be active on Twitter. There are lots of news flying by daily you will hardly miss a thing.
    That was how I could catch up with ALBT new roadmap release, and ride launch on the EGLD chain


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