Managing Data Sources: How Do You Keep Your List Short and Effective?

We are constantly bombarded with information from countless sources. This can be overwhelming and make it difficult to stay organized and up-to-date. I’m curious to hear about your strategies for managing your data sources.

1. How do you determine which sources are most relevant and useful for your needs?
2. What criteria do you use to evaluate the quality of a data source?
3. How do you keep track of the sources you use regularly and filter out the noise?
4. Are there any tools or techniques you recommend for managing your data sources effectively?

By sharing your experiences, we can learn from each other and become more efficient in managing our data sources. I’m looking forward to hearing your insights!

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2 thoughts on “Managing Data Sources: How Do You Keep Your List Short and Effective?”

  1. find aggregators that are trustworthy (can only be judged over time imho).

    There are youtube channels/Twitter accounts/blogs out there that offer something like “weekly crypto news”. And then for more niche things like defi/nft/…

    A personally consume content like that and start digging deeper once something caught my attention.

  2. I find a few credible sources and just stick with them. For instance, Coin Bureau is the only crypto channel I follow. Plus he also covers numerous other topics I’m interested in. Occasionally I watch Neil McCoy-Ward and the Economic Ninja.

    They all have something in common: experience in the field, present straight facts with data and arguments, and aren’t fear mongers or moon boys.


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