Manage all your cryptobanking and traditional banking in one place

It is [6banc ]( bank which uses blockchain technology to bridge the gap between cryptobanking and traditional banking products and services. The technology platforms and digital assets incorporated there will improve adoption and usage of cryptocurrencies globally. This project extends far beyond any existing ‘CryptoBanking’ services that exist today. Not only will we have a universal account and wallet, but the project aims to streamline challenges that customers often face especially with crypto exchanges, which will ultimately create the best possible route for adoption of cryptocurrencies. The project intends to bridge these currently disparate worlds to provide customers with widespread options.

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3 thoughts on “Manage all your cryptobanking and traditional banking in one place”

  1. This is another beautiful example of diversification, this is another awesome step towards creating a whole new world of finance just like Derived Finance.

  2. They smart as hell combining these two systems of banking into one.
    Even albt have been working to bridge these systems into one

  3. Wow, it’s appearing like that of the UnidoEP user interface which will be used by individuals, SMEs and financial institutions for crypto banking and asset management using numerous DeFi tools.


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