making money with defi

Looking for ways to make money with defi my only current defi play is staking cake for locked perioids.

Unsure what my next move is was looking into yield farming on pancakeswap intrested to hear what everyone suggests ideally looking for somthing that provides some form of passive income

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5 thoughts on “making money with defi”

  1. I remember when I was first getting into defi and I staked cake. You should start by staking stables on beefy and then look into yield farming tokens that have good tokenomics

  2. If you not willing to do deep research or can’t read smart contracts I would focus on the blue chips first.


    Treat these defi protocols as businesses. Since anyone can pop up an protocol it is hard to filter out the shady ones.

    You can use defillama and look for protocols that have good TVL and are auditted

  3. I’ve got quite a couple of them on defi , Fluid Finance has DeepDao , and bakery finance coming up, all used to compare and contrast on and off chain prize differences for arbitrage opportunities .


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