Make sure your investments are secured, use ebox!

Do you know a DeFi where your investments can be safe? Ebox will surely help you with that. With their safe sending and reversible transaction features, you can always be sure that you can get back what you transferred especially to a wrong address. They will soon be adding up approval tracker and liquidity locker this Q1 2022.

Please also note that they are now fully functional with monnriver network and will have their 5th AMA today around 17:00 UTC. Better check this one, bro!

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1 thought on “Make sure your investments are secured, use ebox!”

  1. I have been following Ebox so closely and I’m truly impressed on how it work though i know a few other DeFi platform like AXL decentralized platform is one all transaction carried out on their platform is highly secured apart from the all round utility t it offers to it users like staking, yield farming lending and borrowing. safe and secure transaction is also one of this utility.


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