LP hopping?

Hi all, I need to maintain a daily apr of 0.3-0.4% (or more, definitely a +) in order to hit my 1 year target. So as the title suggests, is it feasible to jump pools once the daily apr drops below 0.3% regardless of the underlying assets (just chase the %!!!). I know there’s impermanent loss to factor in and transaction fees involved. So what would you guys/gals do? Or is LP hopping actually a norm just me getting married to what I invest in? Ha.

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2 thoughts on “LP hopping?”

  1. LP hopping isn’t out of the ordinary… however if you ‚only‘ need 0.3-0.4% daily, I‘d suggest to jump into Drip and ride this thing for as long as it lasts… but that’s personal choice

  2. Thats not so difficult, find yourself a farm with USD – other not too volatile coin with 120+% APR. Farm it, borrow the volatile coin and sell it for stables to hedge your long position on the ‘not so volatile coin’. Now you’re delta neutral but you only need to stay delta neutral and beat your impermanent loss by rebalancing once in a while. Play with the impermanent loss calculators and paper trade what happens if your not so volatile coin doubles or halves in value. This might be a little bit of a challenging strategy if you aren’t too deep into defi, but just wanted to mention this strategy.

    If you really want to take it to the next level go and check Impermax and go with leveraged yield farming and join their strategy discord! 🤞🏻


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