Lower minimal investment node projects

Hey there! I’m interested in those node projects, that have come up during the last weeks/months. However most of them require you to make a minimal investment, which is far greater than what I would consider comfortable for a micro-cap crypto project.

Does anyone know of node projects, which are widely considered to be legit (audit prefered) and have a minimal investment of less than or around 100$?

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5 thoughts on “Lower minimal investment node projects”

  1. And what do you think on Midas DAO nodes launch? They’re launching today, looks like guys show good token dynamics, found their v2 token on CMC. And they have high APY I’ve found on website 2,504.91%. So do u know this one? Can u elaborate?

  2. yeah check Sylo their node are simple to run less expensive and comes with a fair reward, so anyone can be part of their network.

  3. Which node projects are actually running nodes? Couldn’t you theoretically run your own node for some Blockchain without a node project and get rewarded?


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