Looking to interview DeFi users for a new (fiat-to-DeFi-earnings) protocol under development

Hi everyone, we are building a solution that makes DeFi easy for everyone. We are looking to interview DeFi users who regularly DCA into multiple crypto and stake their holdings for earning yield, so that we can build a better product.

We are building the MVP and it’s expected to be ready in 1-2 weeks time from now. To nail down the product spec of MPV, we need to interview more DeFi users who DCA and stake, so that we can understand what features are important to you.

We are calling out for community’s help! If you are up for a 30 minutes user interview, pls let me know in the comment. We can sort out logistics via DM.

For those who are curious, we are building a one-click solution that helps you convert fiat to DeFi staking on multichain – all at once. It’s fully non-custodial, which means your funds stay in your wallet. Our closed beta is open for registration too 🙂

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