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So, my employer asked me to find 3 liquidity pools with APY more than 50% in last month, but both token have to be only WBTC, ETH, OP, AVAX, MATIC or GMX. I wonder if it is even possible and hope you can help me. I tried searching everything. There’s no such pool on uniswap, sushiswap or whatever swap as far as I can tell. Maybe there is at least a service to search liquidity pools amongst all platforms

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  1. It is not. There are no such pools that reliably offer those rates for multiple reasons.

    1. Safe pools will have large TVL and thus any yield is split up among a large amount of people, or you need to have a large amount of capital to capture the majority of the pools.

    2. Impermanent loss is a constant drag on any yield. In order to maximize your yield youd need to be constantly rebalancing uniswap v3 pools in which case the rebalancing transaction costs will eat away a large % of the revenue.

    3. Liquidity pool yield is dependent on volume and TVL. Lower volume means less fees. More other depositors means less fees for you. We’re still in a bear market so there’s not much volume when it comes to swapping…really any coin compared to a bull where speculation is running rampant. Its possible you could create a pool with two of these tokens thats not already swamped with LPs but odds are you won’t get any volume because there will be less slippage by making multihop swaps through larger TVL pools.

    4. Risk. Only risky pools will advertise such yield, since safe pools will not need to bother enticing liquidity providers to deposit there with such high yield. They already have all the liquidity and volume so why would they handicap their own revenue?

    5. You could try defillama.com to search for yields across chains and pools and protocols. Keep in mind that pretty much all apy estimates everywhere are based on recent activity. If we’ve recently had a period of high volatility like say…usdc losing peg…then the protocols might advertise really high rates, but those won’t be sustained through the year since most people are not in an elevated state of panic 24/7/365.

    Im assuming that this is just a research task, otherwise you need to explain to your boss that these rates are just completely unrealistic in this day and age. They were possible back when defi was an emerging industry, but at this point there’s so much competition that yields have dropped down as a result.

  2. I really want to know who you work for. I do my interesting mainly in the AVAX ecosystem you can try Trader Joe. They offer their liquidity pools and a bit of farming. I am currently in the Avax-OBX pool which is currently their highest APR pool. And as other people mentioned you are not going to find those specific tokens together anywhere offering that yield. I have seen Btc.b-AVAX on trader joe but again its very low yield.

  3. Do you understand how uniswap v3 works? You can easily do 50% plus there, I’m thinking of making a comprehensive training material for it maybe I can practice on you? Message me please


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