Looking for Best DeFi Project this November?

**LeverFi, a** Permissionless on-chain leveraged trading platform aims to provide extra context, lessen community concerns and anxiety, and provide users with forward-looking expectations, as the market have become extremely volatile due to recent upheavals.

With this, they have released their November Community Update, highlighting these main points.

* The team has been concentrated on prudent treasury management to sustain ongoing product development and to reinvest in product marketing since the successful Series A equity capital raise early this year.
* The team will start to use more stablecoins as rewards for protocol growth programs, such as trading volume incentives on LeverFi or marketing programs with partners such as Binance.
* Separately, the technical development team devoted significant resources towards gas optimizations following structural storage upgrades in the smart contract.

Check out their website to know more!


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4 thoughts on “Looking for Best DeFi Project this November?”

  1. This worth looking up. But I will also prefer a project that’s prepared to accommodate regulations in case it happens. Although, I’m aware that one can easily get through that with IDs on TIDV or Everest, but I want to make sure they team have plans first.

    This is one of the things I look out for to determine a project as my best recently.

  2. I was part of RAMP community and sold before the revamp to LEVER. Personally, I think it’s a whole different team now. With no connection to Alameda.
    I think it’ll be more inviting to generate stablecoin rewards giving what vibes the bear market has brought.

  3. I think the heading is clickbait because I couldn’t point out any valid reason why it’s the best defi project. Talking about treasury management ORE Vault already enables institutions to safeguard their treasuries including NFTs.


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