Looking for a multichain (EVM and non-EVM) defi portfolio tracker

I know of many that will track one address across EVM compatible chains.

I know of some that will track an address across a specific non-EVM chain.

Is there one where I can track multiple addresses across multiple EVM and non-EVM chains? Like for example, I could enter an EVM address, a Solana one, and a Cardano one and on one screen it would show me all of my holdings across the 3 systems?

I know of a few places to individually track one address on one system but I don’t know of any place that lets you track multiple different addresses across multiple chains.

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5 thoughts on “Looking for a multichain (EVM and non-EVM) defi portfolio tracker”

  1. Hmm, the best tool for this would be something along the lines of cryptocurrency tax software. Most of these solutions will have to support different blockchains to properly help users with theie taxes.

    I recommend something like [cointracking](https://cointracking.info/) which I have been using for years and supports almost all popular blockchains out there.


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